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    "Describe The Property Collection in two words... GROUND BREAKING"

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Having opened the doors of his eponymously named estate agency in October 2010, Robert Cooney has grown to become one of the leading professional estate agents in Taunton. A lifelong resident of the town, Robert Cooney has over thirty years’ experience in the profession locally. Having trained with what was then WRJ Greenslade & Co, he became qualified and went on to run the Taunton branch of a large multi disciplined west country firm until its acquisition by Lloyds Bank. Throughout several mergers and acquisitions, Robert became managing director of Alder King, controlling 21 branches from Bristol in the North, down to the South Coast, whilst still based and living in Taunton.

"I can’t think of one word apart from all the usual superlatives like wonderful and fantastic and brilliant but two words I’ll use: ground breaking. For me, this is ground breaking stuff!"
Robert Cooney


We are proudly established as the UK’s leading estate agency marketing specialists, driven by innovative technology to keep you one step ahead of your competition. Our products are designed to offer a huge differential, and are provided exclusively to our members across the country. Through effective use of our services, membership guarantees an opportunity to increase your volume of valuations and listings, to expand your market share, and to maximise your fee rates.

Our single business focus is to achieve this for our members, all chosen as the exclusive licensee in their area. Your win is our win, so you only pay us when you win a sale. Our business model has proven to consistently work among our members. As our members' successes mirror ours, it becomes clear an invite to join The Property Collection, is one which wins sales.

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